‘For this shoot, I wanted to create something simple with the softness and calmness that you can find in nature and the coast, I really wanted it surround the bride. I want to inspire brides to create their beautiful ideal for their wedding, through using right communication and attitude.

By coincidence, I spotted Thandi early one morning on a packed train and asked her if she would model for my shoot. As my first language is Auslan (Australian Sign Language), we communicated through gesture and our iPhones, which went very smoothly. Interestingly, the other passengers must have wondered how we communicated without using our voices! As luck would have it, She agreed to model for the shoot.

At the start of the shoot, the bride looked nervous and shy because we only communicated through gesture but as her confidence grew, she became more relaxed and felt comfortable as we understood each other. I have adopted this method when shooting newlywed couples… I believe that gesture and quietness are key to achieving the softness and calm attitude for this kind of shoot. Thankfully I also had a talented assistant who was able to communicate both languages during the shoot.

I have a deep passion for the nature and coast, watching it always gives me inspiration, so I chose Blairgowerie, Mornington which has amazing rocks! Thandi wore two beautiful handmade bridal gowns by Cathleen Jia, she carried a Sassafras Flower Design's pastel bouquet which consisted of white, soft peach and pastel pink tones held together with Songbird Silk's cream and faded aqua ribbons, which contrasted perfectly against the ivory dress. She was pampered by the amazing make up artist Marble and Lace.’




Calligraphy & ribbons SONGBIRD SILK


Model Thani